tree sheltering words Overwork and Underwork 

Some people have jobs and some don't. It's easy to say this; but it can be really painful for those who remain unemployed. One could explain it away by asserting that it is, after all, an inherent part of a free economy. But theorizing over it doesn't take away the pain.

What we need is a totally new approach.

Like "underworked" people, overworked people have their own problems as well. So why not bring them together to help each other?

This can also help make traditional job-related services more personal, more human.

We have incorporated these concepts into the following free services.* Overworked and underworked people will be provided, among other things, with much needed emotional support, and the unemployed, in particular, will be given structured ways of channeling their aspirations and skills. We've also included one or two proposals for those who are interested in trying a few concrete ideas.

Our hope is that the collaborative nature of some of these endeavors will open up new possibilities for everyone involved:

Are you ready for a bold, fresh start to the job search?

Are you frustrated about being unemployed and just need someone to talk to?

Are you overworked?
Can someone who is "underworked" help you find that balance between work and family life?

Do you have any questions for us? Comments?

Would you like to help us? Do you have skills that may prove useful to others?


  • Listening to people individually or in a group and thus providing emotional support, through Patient Listening
  • Helping each person understand in which way his or her unique skills might be suited to a particular job or career or for starting a new business; listening to each person's "wish list" for his or her life; acting as a "reflecting mirror" for individual business plans
  • Working with groups of like-minded individuals, to assist them in exploring and developing new business ideas together
  • Exploring possible business opportunities by coordinating each person's background or skills with some concepts of Patient Listening
  • Help with interview preparation, including sample questions & answers
  • A discount on color consultation for appropriate & more impressive clothes through Apparel Appeal, especially prior to a job interview
  • An easy and no-nonsense way to earn money from commissions through Apparel Appeal
  • Help in exploring job opportunities through overworked people who are interested in hiring others to lighten their personal or family workloads
  • A chance to make business and personal contacts through Joy of Talking

*PLEASE NOTE: All services are free except for color consultation, which is offered at a discount. Please contact us for details. We reserve the right to make changes to this site at any time.


Sister Sites

The ideas presented in our sister sites Overwork Underwork, Patient Listening, and Joy of Talking relate to a person's daily life, whether personal or professional. We believe it is possible to address these questions more effectively with innovative and sometimes unconventional approaches through online, phone, as well as personal contact.

Each of these sites provides opportunities for meeting new people. Moreover, being in the company of others with similar goals and interests can create new perspectives for old problems.

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